About Chantelle

Chantelle is a real modern-day relationship sexpert – a fully qualified Master Results coach, Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. Also a mum, wife for the second time, entrepreneur and a swinger which means she has had more personal experience than most when it comes to relationships, love, lust, passion, sex and sexuality, and what it takes to create a successful solid, long-term relationship in the 21st Century.

She’s a woman who isn’t shy to talk about all the taboo relationship and sexual topics. In fact she easily talks about sex and sexuality as if she were talking about grocery shopping, and you’ll find no holds barred honesty as she is authentic and real in everything she does…

She was on 94.9 JoyFM’s HIde and Seek show talking about relationships, sex and sexuality in “Sexploration” for the last 6 months of 2011. She’s recently been on Can of Worms and The Circle, and previously on Nova FM, Today Tonight and The Morning Show.  She has been interviewed for articles which have been in Grazia Magazine, The Sunday Age and Vogue. She also writes for www.adultmatchmaker.com.au and AO Magazine about swinging relationships but her expertise and talents reach far beyond just the swinging aspect of love, sex and relationships. She is extremely passionate about helping the everyday couple create a highly passionate, loving and solid partnership that continues to grow instead of diminish over decades.

Down to earth, naturally inquisitive and definitely not shy, she is the person you go to when you want to ask the questions you’re too afraid to ask anyone else. She finds the answers and she shares them in hopes that it means someone out there can feel better about themselves or their sexual prowess. With a knack for making people feel completely comfortable, she leaves you with an empowered feeling, the answers you were looking for, and sometimes makes you giggle along the way.

Her background/experience:

Well in her 35 short years she has experienced or is experiencing the following (the short version):

1. Divorced once; she learned the hard way about how NOT to make relationships work.

2. She’s enjoyed the casual flings and the single life, along with dating disasters and bad decisions.

3. Currently in a phenomenal relationship (with Mr Wonderful), together since December 2000 and married in April of 2003 with 2 gorgeous girls.

4. She has invested over $60,000 in personal development courses, books and workshops to work through her own relationships and self-esteem stuff, as well as learn how to help others do the same thing (hence the qualifications). This is something she continues to do…

5. Is currently a swinger with her husband, has been officially since about April 2007 and it’s taken her relationship to a whole new level that many don’t understand. She is the first to say this is not the road for everyone but what it proves is that she has created extremely solid foundations in her own relationship for it to still be successful.

6. Chantelle is bi confident, with a bisexual husband. Neither were that way when they married but they’ve have gone through the journey of exploration together and now they help others to come to terms with their own curiosity, sexuality or new desires to play with the same sex.

7. She is in business for herself and has worked full time with long hours while still managing to create a spicy sex life – this is a skill in itself!

8. Chantelle has been in the over-worked and in the post-baby sexual rut which commonly happens when you’re both working full-time and being parents

Chantelle has already been there and done most things that the average person experiences in their relationship lifetime, which gives her the empathy and understanding to know how others feel and be able to help them. She is using this platform to just be who she is and share some intimate details with the world in hopes that other people can either learn from her mistakes, realise they aren’t alone, or so they can realise what they are thinking and feeling is normal.

She has a passion for helping others discover who they really are, what they truly want and what is right for them by helping them to shed the values, beliefs and boundaries that aren’t their own. Often the catalyst for change, she promotes an open minded approach to life, love and sex, therefore helping people to both accept themselves as they are, and others, as they are.

So get to know her through her Dear Diary entries which are truly real and raw with her personal thoughts and experiences as she goes through them. If something she writes in there resonates, she’d love for you to comment and say so, so others can know that it’s not just Chantelle that has gone through or thought it.

Feel free to ask her questions through the Ask Chantelle form if you’d like to know something she hasn’t covered, and check out her articles for something different.

She welcomes any suggestions for solutions you’d like to see her create and provide so don’t be shy, she certainly isn’t!

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